1. Are my WSET course and exam fees included in the cost of membership?

Yes; the cost of membership includes:

- course materials (you will have the choice between digital or printed materials when you select your course options on the product page)

- all wines to taste during the course

- group and one-on-one study sessions

- exam fees (including admin and marking fees)


2. When will I study for the WSET course?

We recommend that you should join the group study sessions, and pre-read in advance of each of the sessions to prepare thoroughly for the exam. Our recommended study structure is below, but your participation is optional.

- familiarise yourself with the course content when you receive course materials before the start of the course

- weekly group study sessions over Zoom; these are live and you are encouraged to participate actively and chip in with questions and comments about the wines the group will be tasting

- please note the weekly group sessions take place at 6pm for 9 consecutive weeks. The day of the week for each course will vary depending on your intake. You can see the day of the week when you select your course options on the product page

- if you miss a weekly group study session, you will be able to watch a recording online

- Petrichor Club tutors will be available for one-on-one questions every week during virtual tutor hours; you can book time with them in advance, or dial in on the day 

3. When will I take the WSET exam?

After the final group study session, you will have 1 extra week to prepare for the exam. The exam will take place on the same day of the week and time of day as your weekly group study session.

For example, if your weekly group study sessions take place at 6pm on Wednesdays and your final group study session is on Wednesday 10th March, your WSET exam will be at 6pm on Wednesday 17th March.

4. How will I take the WSET exam?

Petrichor Club members will take a "Remote Invigilation" version of the WSET exam. You will take the exam in the comfort of your own home and submit your answers electronically.

A Petrichor Club tutor will walk through a compulsory technical system check with you in your final group study session before the exam. 

5. How is the WSET exam structured?

WSET Level 2 exams consist of 50 multiple choice questions. 

There are no written answers required, and there is no examined tasting component to the Level 2 exam. 

5. Who will mark my WSET exam?


6. When will I get my WSET exam results?



1. What will I receive in my initial delivery when I sign up to Petrichor Club?

When you join Petrichor Club, depending on whether you signed up for a wines or spirits course, your initial delivery will provide you with all the wines or spirits you need to taste along with the course. You will receive a full bottle of each of these spirits, so you will have plenty to keep you topped up for a while at home outside course hours.

Your initial delivery will include:

- 36 full bottles of wines, or 30 bottles of spirits (depending on whether you signed up for a wines or spirits course)

- a Vacuvin wine preservation system, or cocktail roll (depending on whether you signed up for a wines or spirits course)

2. When will I receive my initial delivery?

When you join Petrichor Club you will receive a welcome email from one of our tutors. The Petrichor Club tutor will indicate the week of delivery. Closer to the delivery date, you will receive a live link, enabling you to track the progress of your delivery.

If you have specific delivery requirements or instructions, you can indicate these at checkout. Alternatively, you're very welcome to coordinate with a Petrichor Club tutor to indicate your delivery requirements after you have received your welcome email. 

3. Will I receive any extra information about the products in this delivery?

When you join Petrichor Club, you will receive a welcome email from one of our tutors. This will include a link to the online Club Area, and your login details.

The online Club Area will give you information about all the products in your initial delivery. We will continue building this out and adding wonderful new content from all the producers, whose wines or spirits you will be tasting on the course. You can expect to find information sheets on each wine, food pairing suggestions, recipes from winemakers, cocktail recipe suggestions for spirits and video content. 


1. What are my Petrichor Club perks?

We're very proud to offer Petrichor Club members an unrivalled experience of the WSET course. Along with expert tuition and online study resources, you will receive either 36 full bottles of wine or 30 full bottles of spirits (depending on whether you signed up to the wines or spirits course) to taste over 9 weeks of study. WSET courses typically give students 50ml samples of each product to try during group sessions. By sending Petrichor Club members full bottles of each product instead, you will have the luxury of returning to each product after the course, sharing it with friends or family, revisiting your tasting notes, trying it with recommended food pairings and even seeing how the flavours develop as the wines open up, or how the spirits play to their strengths in different cocktails.

On top of this, Petrichor Club members will receive a suite of lifetime perks allowing you to enjoy your newfound knowledge in style. You can see the full list of Petrichor Club perks here

2. How do I get my 20% discount off The Great Wine Co., and 10% off Spirits Kiosk?

When you join Petrichor Club, the email address you used to sign up will be logged on both The Great Wine Co. and Spirits Kiosk. Whenever you use this email address to log into either The Great Wine Co. or Spirits Kiosk website, your discount will automatically be applied to your basket at checkout.

Terms & Conditions apply. 

3. How do I keep up to date with on-trade perks available to members?

When you join Petrichor Club, you will be signed up to the member newsletter. We promise that you won't spam you: this will be sent out once a fortnight. The member newsletter will include updates on new perks available to members, any upcoming events and content in the online Club Area.

You will also be able to see an overview of perks and upcoming events in the online Club Area.

4. If I have previously taken a WSET course with Petrichor Club, and then decide to sign up to another course, will I have to pay the full ticket price for the second course?

As a Petrichor Club member, you will see various add-ons in the online Club Area. One of these add-ons allows you to sign up to WSET exams in the future at a discounted rate of 20% off the ticket price.

This perk recognises that you've already paid for your membership and lifetime perks when you first signed up to Petrichor Club. The discounted rate reflects this. We have based this rate on the WSET course materials, study sessions, exam entry fees and your delivery of all wines or spirits to be tasted on the course.

5. I have a friend or family member who will be tasting all the wines with me. Can they also take the WSET exam?

As a Petrichor Club member, you will see various add-ons in the online Club Area. One of these add-ons allows you to pay the WSET exam fees for a guest. 

This perk recognises that you might have decided to share your delivery of wines or spirits with a friend or family member. Petrichor Club is about articulating your senses, and we find that being articulate is most rewarding when you have someone to share your thoughts with.