About Petrichor Club

Petrichor Club was started in 2020 by Enotria & Coe.

2020 was a turning point for everyone. It forced us to reassess what we value, and how we interact with others.

Petrichor is a reaction to two big changes that we sensed were afoot in the world:

  • Flexible schedules are going to become an ever-greater part of our lives.
  • Immersive and experiential interactions are gaining a following, as our opportunities to meet with others become more valuable.

As a direct response to these changes, Petrichor Club combines online delivery of the internationally recognised WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) courses, with a premium suite of lifetime perks. With this approach, we aim to accommodate our members' schedules while offering a more rewarding, meaningful and life-long learning experience. Once the world returns to normal, we look forward to hosting two-day in-person courses with an overnight stay and wine pairing dinner at carefully chosen on-trade locations.


About Enotria & Coe

Enotria & Coe is the UK’s leading wine and spirits distributor. Enotria & Coe is the UK's only distributor to service all channels of the drinks industry. Our expertise spans the on-trade (our heartland), off-trade and direct-to-consumer channels.

Enotria & Coe also owns two e-commerce businesses: The Great Wine Co. and Spirits Kiosk. Our direct-to-consumer offer aligns a physical store presence, online editorial content and curated events. 

Through these relationships and industry exposure, Enotria & Coe is able to enrich the experience of Petrichor Club members by leveraging a world-leading portfolio, on-trade contacts and exclusive discounts to retail platforms.


Joining Petrichor Club is much more than taking a qualification.

It’s a turning point in your journey with wine and spirits.



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